Study Confirms Truth We Already Knew: Dog > Significant Other

A UK based study conducted by just revealed that almost half of UK dog owners spend more time talking to their dogs than they do talking to their significant others. The Daily Mail reported:
More than two fifths (41 per cent) of Brits admitted to having more conversation with their four-legged friend than their beloved, while 40 per cent said they would be more likely to share their deepest secrets with their pooch than anyone else.
397af091d171cb8a28509187452f2650 Here are a couple of other cool things that this study uncovered: Dog owners spend approximately 47 minutes talking to their dogs on a daily basis. 96% of the humans surveyed stated that their dogs went beyond being just pets. To them their pups are FAMILY. 94% of the dog parents shared that their dog cheered them up when they were feeling blue. 84% of the people said that their tail-wagger was always their for them when they needed a pal. 81% reported that they feel better after chatting with their pup. 65% of the pup lovers admitted that their dog is their BESTEST FRIEND in all the land!
Featured image via Off The Leash
H/t The Daily Mail

Tasmai Uppin

6 years ago

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