Study Finds The Best Time To Find A Deal Flying With Your Dog

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

February 27, 2016

According to a recent study by CheapAir, who analyzed 3 million airline trips the best time to book a flight with your pup (or really, ever) is 54 days before you plan on traveling, just shy of 2 months.


What? They got that specific? Well, yes, yes they did.

On average, 54 days before a flight is scheduled to takeoff is when it’s cheapest to book a seat. In general, the window of 112 to 21 days before your trip is when you’ll best find a bargain (that’s a 3 1/2 to 1 month time frame).


The absolute worst time, in direct contradiction to popular myth? Booking last minute.

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So when you’re planning your spring fling with your pup, keep this travel hack in mind!

h/t to The Huffington Post

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Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

February 27, 2016