19 Weird Things That All Dog Parents Say

Remember that meme circa 2012? FLASHBACK TIME! Sharing your life with a dog is one of those experiences that changes you. It involves learning what bully sticks are made of (you might not want to do a Google Image search for this one), finding out your dog's funny scooting across the carpet means he needs his butt squeezed, and investing lots of bones on lint rollers (or just changing your wardrobe to match the color of your dog's fur. Yes, I'm that person.). Even the things you say change when you become a pup parent. Things like: 1. "I rescued him, but sometimes I feel like he rescued me, you know?" yourehuggingme 2. "Do I have dog hair on me?" bird_lynn Yes. The answer is always yes. 3. "Pugs Labs Frenchies Pits *insert breed here* are the best!" pug gif 4. "Did she fart? Sorry." i fart constantly 5. "Is it pee or water?" pee or water 6. "It's a *insert breed here* thing." 3huskies.1cat 7. "I like sniffing her paws. Is that weird?" Irishgirl Irish girl It's not weird at all. 8. "I can't go out after work, I have to walk my dog." imgur gif LIES. You'd just rather hang out with your furry best friend. 9. "She waits for me to throw away the bag, and she poops again. She knows what she's doing." offleashdailydog 10. "Puppy breath smells soooo good." puppies 11. "Who wants a treat? Is it you? Is it you?!" pug head tilt 12. "I love and trust my dog more than I do other humans." dog hug 13. "Let's have a puppy playdate this weekend!" puppy wkend 14. "He's 11, but he's still got that puppy in him." old dog 15. "It smells like anal glands in here." dramatic dog GUILTY. 16. "We're not together anymore. He said he's a cat person." dog hates kisses 17. "No, she likes you. She just growls when she wants to play." dog growl 18. "Sometimes he looks so lonely and I feel like I should get him a little brother or sister." lonely dog 19. "I hate that Sarah McLachlan song." sad frank Stay weird, Dog Friends. Stay weird.
Featured image via @_ubuntu_/Instagram

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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