You Won’t Believe the Crazy Things This Dog Can Balance on His Head

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 24, 2014


Meet Scout, the talented pup behind the famous Instagram account, Stuff on Scout’s Head. In addition to balancing pawsome stuff on his head, Scout is on a mission to prove that pitbulls can be just as sweet and loving as any other kind of pooch.

Oh my cod.

 And he looks pretty cute doing it. Here’s Scout with sushi on his head.

This is how Scout rolls.

Scout’s story is like that of many lucky shelter pups. After bouncing around for years in Canada, he finally found his forever home five years ago when Jen Gillen spotted him on All Breed Canine Rescue’s website. With any rescue dog, it is extremely difficult to know what kind of life they lived, but it is Jen’s guess that he was abused in some manner. Scout was very timid and scared when he first arrived, weighing in at only 45 pounds.

Looking snazzy in polka dots.

He acclimated quickly, and after only three months, he had made himself quite at home. And after a year, he was over his separation anxiety. Now weighing in at around 75 pounds, he shares a home with two cats that have a bully streak and a Great Dane named Rudy. Rudy is living with Scout for two years while Rudy’s human works overseas. Scout, ever the gracious host, shares his bed and walks with her. <3

Is Scout the same size as Rudy?

For over two years now, Scout’s human has been documenting his patience and balance on his blog, Stuff on Scout’s Head. Scout started with a roll of toilet paper after one of Jen’s friends pointed out that Scout had a flat head. The secret to getting him to sit still? Lots and lots of treats. He also doesn’t get any people food so he is able to balance pizza and cupcakes on his head without additional temptation. He started off small, balancing treats on his nose and gradually graduated to larger items like pancakes and a magic 8-ball.

The patience of a saint.

He recently strutted his stuff on the Rachael Ray Show and signed a book deal. He is one busy pup!

Photo courtesy of the Rachael Ray Show.

In addition to being a sweet boy, Scout wants to use his celebrity to bring attention to breed specific legislation. Pitbulls have been illegal in Ontario, Canada since 2005.

I’m illegal? That’s hogwash. I mean dogwash.
Being interviewed is ruff.

Since Scout is nine years old, he was grandfathered in because he was in a home before August 29, 2005. When out in public, all pitbulls must wear a muzzle and are not allowed in dog parks. Some counties in the United States have banned pitbulls while Australia has outlawed them completely. Read more about breed specific legislation here.

Preparing for lift off.

So Scout is breaking all stereotypes, one coffee cup at a time.

More coffee, please.

Be sure to follow Scout on Instagram!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 24, 2014

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