How To Throw An Epic Block Party For Your Dog

Reviewed by Claire Beaudreault

August 14, 2015

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Summer is in full swing and August’s BarkBox is looking to be a hot one! The theme is “Block Party,” and it’s time to dance in the streets. Throw the perfect pawty for you and your pup with these ideas. Your dog is sure to (shin)dig it!



1. Tunes to howl along to!

First things first, put this custom dog-block-party Spotify playlist on to get you hyped!


2. Food. Of course!

Probably the biggest draw to the party. The smell of bacon, the juice of the watermelon, some dog-appropriate ice cream…and some toys to chew on that look like traditional summer party classics.


3. Permit?

Did you know that in most communities you’ll need a permit to throw an actual block party? If you’re doing a doggie block party, maybe the yard or dog park is your best bet!


4.Set up some games!

Let the games begin! Try out an agility course for fun and a little friendly compawtition.


5. Make sure there’s a potty at your pawty.

Designate a poo n’ pee patch so you won’t have a stinky street.


6. Chill out.

If your dogs are barkin’ set up a place for the guests to cool off…


7. Be sure to dress in your flyest threads…

Protect yourself from the sun by any means necessary, while still staying stylin’!


8. Shake a leg!

Wiggle it just a little bit and show off your dance moves.

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9. Don’t furget to take tons of photos!



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Featured image via Dave Coverly

Reviewed by Claire Beaudreault

August 14, 2015