17 Dog Dates You Need To Experience Before Summer Ends

Written by: Marissa Rubenstein

June 18, 2015

Note: Many of these are outside activities so be sure your pup is properly hydrated! Remember they don’t get to ditch that fur coat when it gets hot out.

While the summer is dwindling down, why not grab your pup and have some awesome hangs? These seventeen ideas will make the most of the closing season and their pawfect for just the two or you, or a group outing!

1. Play ball! Head to a baseball game.

Many national teams have days when you can bring your dog to the game, like the Washington National’s “Pups in the Park”. Click here for a list of 2015 dog friendly baseball games!

dog ball park mets

2. Explore a local farmer’s market.

Less weird than trying to take your pooch into a grocery store, many farmer’s markets are pretty dog friendly. Sometimes the meat stands will even have special treats just for dogs!


3. Go on a picnic.

Up your dog walk game by bringing a picnic with you next time you head to the park. Even if your pup only eats twice a day, pack them some water and a few treats!


4. Hop on a paddle board.

Can your dog sit still for more than 5 seconds? Perfect! Paddle boarding is a great workout for you, and your dog will love being out on the water, especially if they get to take a dip after.


5. Head out on a shopping trip.

Outdoor shopping centers have been popping up everywhere, and the best part? Many are furry friend friendly (of course double check with a manager before bringing your pup into a store).



6. Do some outdoor yoga.

Doing yoga with your dog or “doga” has become a thing, with classes popping up all over the place. It’s putting a whole other meaning to “downward dog”.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 5.37.45 PM

7. Go on a bike trip.

Just make sure that your pooch is somehow secured on your bike or in a carrier rather than running along side, which can be dangerous (especially if you’re anything like me and couldn’t bike in a straight line if your life depended on it! My dogs paws would get run over all the time).


8. Take a fishing trip.

Okay so your pupper can’t exactly fish, although I’m sure he/she would love to try, but they make for great company, that also won’t judge when the big one gets away from you.


9. Stop for a coffee date during your morning walk.

Alright obviously you and your pup should probably not get matching venti soy lattes and chat about boys like some coffee dates, unless of course your dog gives excellent boy advice, I would stick to just ordering your bundle of fur a Puppuccino, Starbucks’ dog-friendly offering.


10. Check out an outdoor movie.

Your dog might not exactly appreciate seeing Mean Girls for the umpteenth time while enjoying a night under the stars but that doesn’t mean they won’t love spending the time with you.


11. Take your pooch out for dinner.

If I see a water bowl out on a restaurant’s patio I get pretty excited. Why? Because it can only mean one thing, this restaurant cannot wait to have my dog and I come for a visit. So grab your pup and take them out for a proper dinner date (never mind that you’re the only one eating).


12. Go watch the sunset.

So romantic! Seriously though, sunset is a great time in the summer to be out with your dog, the cooler temperatures are easier on them and it’s just a gorgeous time of day.


13. Head out on a camping trip.

Ah the great outdoors! Enjoy some time in the wilderness with your pupper, and they can deter bears (I don’t know if bears are actually scared of dogs but I feel like that should be a thing).

dog camping with human

14. Go on a photo safari.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 10.35.35 AM

Grab your camera and your dog and just start snapping! Don’t be afraid to get creative, and as a bonus at the end of the day you’ll have tons of shots for their Instagram.

15. Take your pup out for ice cream.

Shake Shack offers a special Pooch-ini treat made out of dog biscuits, vanilla custard and peanut butter sauce so both of you can enjoy a creamy summer treat. It’s really a win-win situation.


16. Explore your city.

There’s no better way to explore what’s right in your backyard than with a leash in your hand! Am I right? Having a cute pup with you is also a pretty great ice breaker, just in case you want to eventually be going on these dates with an actual human.


17. Throw a backyard BBQ.

Even if it’s just the two of you and your grill, there’s no better way to grab summer by the horns, or shall we say paws.


Featured image via Lizzie Phillips

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Written by: Marissa Rubenstein

June 18, 2015

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