Summer’s Over for You, But Not for Your Dog – What You Need to Know

Labor Day weekend signals the end of summer for most people: the tiny humans go back to school, it’s “officially” a faux paw to wear white (but wear what ya want, you look awesome), and, perhaps the surest sign that summer is over, the closing of pools and public beaches.

Unless you’re a pup…

The weekend post-Labor Day is quickly starting to mean pups can try their paw at summer fun!

Let’s be real, if you’re a dog and you’ve got dreams of water park shenanigans, you’re usually confined to making the most of bath time, like this pooch:

But post-Labor Day, this could be you! Aw, yeah, check out that sweet sprinkler action:

The Pooch Pool Party at Lakeview Park in Nampa, Idaho to benefit the Nampa Dog Park.
Across the country, pools are gearing up to host a dogs only swim session before the cold weather sets in.

Best of all? Admission is often for a good cause – like “Gone to the Dogs” at Morey’s Pier Raging Waters Water Park in New Jersey, which benefits the New Jersey SPCA.

jumping cocker spaniel

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And let’s not forget about beaches! For many, after Labor Day and before Memorial Day is a golden time when dogs are welcome to frolic with with their humans, sometimes even without a leash! Who knows? You could be rolling four Frenchies deep this weekend:

Check local listings for events in your area, as well as rule and regulations. Sites like and do a great job of sniffing out pup-friendly recreation and activities.

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