The 15 Best Super Bowl Ads of All Time, Cuz Puppies!

Written by: Tasmai Uppin

January 19, 2015

Commercials are that time of TV viewing when everyone takes a bathroom break, gets food, tunes out…you know the usual. But, when it comes to watching ads featuring our favorite furry friends we’re happy to postpone our usual routine just so we can gawk at the TV in adoring amazement.

So, instead of having to wait to watch your favorite dog commercials, we did some very serious research and brought the best dog Super Bowl and Puppy Bowl commercials to you. Now you can watch them anytime, anywhere! =)

1. This dog takes fetch a little too literally. 

2. This dog who is every person’s dream drinking buddy.

3. And here’s a pug who’s packing so much bad-ass that he straight up took down an annoying human from keeping him from treats. #WIN

4. Mr. Quiggly scoring some mega points for all the sass he’s packing.

5. And this famous dog: working out his emotions.

6. This pupper who is an inspiration to us all. #NYEResolutions

7. This dog who learned the secret to controlling his hooman.

8. And this pooch who’ll give you the feels and then make you want to stand up and cheer for his clever antics.

9. These dogs who got lost on the way to Petco, but luckily had their handy navigation unit.

10. These dogs are fortunate enough to get walked by Ryan Reynolds in Ryanville.

11. And this dober-huahua teaching us a valuable lesson about compromise.

12. Here, We Go!

13. Say hello to the cutest CarMax employee in existence.

14. What’s cuter than a pack of wiener dogs running in a field? A pack of wiener dogs DRESSED AS WIENER DOGS RUNNING IN A FIELD.

15. Last but not least, this true testament to love and friendship that makes our hearts weep for joy. It’s just so beautiful.


Written by: Tasmai Uppin

January 19, 2015