Human Takes His Love For His Dog And Supersizes It In Gorgeous Art

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 3, 2016

Meet Christopher Cline and Juji. Juji is a 100 pound Goldendoodle who, through Cline’s art, becomes larger than life itself! With a lot of creativity and a healthy dose of Photoshop, Cline enlarges Juju to proportions that are taking Instagram by storm and turning Juju into a mega-celebridog!

When we asked Christopher how he started making these images with Juji, he said:

He came along at a time in my artistic career when I was feeling low. He really charged my batteries so to speak. And every day is a new adventure with him.

Does Christopher worry about how he’ll continue to create fan-fave content? Not as long as Juji is around!

“Juji is definitely one of my biggest sources of inspiration. I keep thinking I’m gonna run out of ideas but with him around they just keep coming.”

All the photos are so much fun! With so many fabulous images from which to choose, can Christopher pick a favorite?

“I’d have to say that one of my favorite images is one I just recently posted where we’re riding the bike together and he’s on my back. It was so much fun to create and was one of those pieces that just sort of fell into place very quickly.”

A break in the cold Minnesota weather brought the two of them outside for some adventure. Unfortunately, Chris forgot that during the long winter he had neglected to fix the brakes on the beach cruiser that now barreled down the hill at top speed. Juji on the other hand, had only one thing on his mind….the thrilling thought that his massive weight only pushed them further and faster to an inevitable disaster at the bottom of the hill…with him on top of the pile, giggling at the man who calls himself master. #barkbox #Bestdog #worldofcutepets #chrisandjuji #goldendoodles #dogsofinstagram  #goldendoodlesofinstagram #weeklyfluff #rsa_graphics  #ig_underground #shotaward #dogsofinstaworld #dogsandpals #dogscorner #igbest_dogs  #excellent_dogs #dog #puppiesofinstagram #bestwoof #dailydoseopuppies #instadog  #arts_help #petscorner #animaladdicts #mydogiscutest #petsofinstagram #exklusive_shot #hikingwithdogs #campingwithdogs

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Does he have other subjects or is Juji his main muse?

“Skipping from one thing to another throws people off so it’s good to find one thing, and just do it better than anyone else.”

With such raving reviews and positive feedback, it looks like Christopher is doing just that!

Wait, can we all get in on the fun? The answer is YES!

Christopher speaks about the happiness he brings others and tells us:

“I love that I can offer others the gift of making your dog larger than life, because in a dog’ owners eyes, that’s exactly how we see them.”

Yesterday Juji had an accident. The hook on his leash got lodged in his paw somehow (only my dog) and we had to take him to the vet. After paying them obscene amounts of money, they put him under anesthesia and took care of him. He's okay now, but I didn't want to subject him to taking pictures today as he has still has that glazed look in his eyes from the dope. Poor guy. So… Ive dug deep into my catalog of photos and put together this edit. I actually didn't mind doing this for the simple fact that I miss his fluff so much. I know I've done a lot of Lake edits lately, but the weather is already changing here in Minnesota and I need to take full advantage of it while I can. #clinesworld #chrisandjuji #goldendoodles #dogsofinstagram #goldendoodlesofinstagram #doodlesofinstagram #goldendoodle #weeklyfluff #rsa_graphics #ig_underground #barkpack #dogsofinstaworld #dogsandpals #dogscorner #igbest_dogs @dogs.lovers #excellent_dogs #onlyinminnesota #onlyinmn #dog #puppiesofinstagram #bestwoof #dailydoseopuppies #instadog #doodlelife #clubdoodle @dogsandpals.

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Featured image via @ChristopherCline/Instagram

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 3, 2016