15 Surprising Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 11, 2016

Dogs are happy animals, plain and simple. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make them happier with a little trick, treat or fun activity.

Here are some tips on making your dog a little extra happy today.

1. Buy him a baby pool

Dogs love to swim, so why not give him a special kiddie pool that’s all his own? Put some water-friendly dog toys in there so he knows that’s a special place he can go to cool off whenever he wants.

dog pool

2. Have a dance party

There’s a reason the Canine Freestyle Federation is such a big deal, dogs love to dance! It really shows the bond between a pup and her handler or, in this case, owner. So whenever you want to have a special bonding moment with your pooch, throw on some tunes and jam out. If you have two left feet, she also loves if you sing her a song.

dog dance

3. Let her destroy her toys

I know what you’re thinking, I just paid for that! Well, it’s actually in your best interest to let your dog wrangle her toys around, even to the point of no return. Dogs need to exercise their animal instincts and destroying toys helps them stay sharp. It may also be a hint that it’s time to switch up the toys a bit.


4. Brush his teeth

I know he won’t like that now, but his healthy teeth and gums 10 years down the line will.

dog toothbrush

5. Make treasure hunts

If you know you’re going to be gone for several hours, why not make a fun treasure hunt for your pet? Hide several of her favorite treats around the house and see how many she finds before you get home. Then try it again in a week, putting the treats in other places. It’ll encourage her to explore and stay active while you’re away.

pirate dog

6. Buy him a new collar

Many dogs spend all day, every day in their collars. After all, it’s one of the best ways to keep them safe. But that would be like if you wore the same shirt or pair of socks for weeks at a time. Buying your pup a new collar every once in awhile will give him something new to feel, with a different texture and weight.

dog bowtie

7. Give her a job

You might be tempted to treat your pooch like a child, but they quickly become full-fledged adults who, like most of us, aren’t satisfied unless they’re given something to do. Maybe put her in charge of carrying her treats in a backpack during your hikes, or have her fetch the keys every time he wants to go outside. It’s a great way to keep them mentally stimulated.

dog career

8. Play Hide n’ Seek

It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, but also keeps your dog’s scent tracking skills intact. Just make sure your pup knows how to stay still while you go hide – otherwise it won’t be much of a game!

hide and seek

9. Have a spa day

We’re not the only ones who like to be pampered! Dogs build up a lot of tension and can use a great spa day. But you don’t have to break the bank taking him to a fancy salon, there are plenty of ways to make your own fantastic spa experience at home.


10. Give her compliments

Admit it, when someone tells you how good you look or how you nailed that presentation, it makes you feel awesome. Dogs also thrive on positivity and compliments, so be sure to let your pup know each and every time she’s doing something that makes you smile. It may just motivate her to do it again.

dog happy

11. Make her a popsicle

Frosty tasty treats are great for pups in the summertime, so break out that ice tray and make some yummy snacks your pooch will love. In fact, why wait till summer? Those babies are great anytime of year.

dog popsicle

12. Leave your windows open

Sadly, we can’t spend all day with our pets, cause we have work, grocery shopping and other adult responsibilities. But your dog has his responsibilities too, mainly to look, hear and smell. Keeping the windows open while you’re gone ensures that your pup can stay stimulated. Just make sure you have secure screens on your windows if your pup is more likely to hop out!


13. Family yoga

Downward Dog indeed! Canines can tell when you’re stressed, so it’s beneficial for both of you to make sure you’ve got your blood pressure down. Doing weekly yoga at home is not only great for your body and mind, but it also provides your pup with plenty of new obstacle courses to play with!

dog yoga

14. Turn on YouTube

It’s amazing how much dogs love YouTube – not just starring on it, but also watching it. Pups love watching videos of other dogs, cats and even just videos of outside. Pull up a computer and find a playlist of fun doggy videos. And who knows, you might discover the next internet sensation in your own home!

dog youtube

15. Try a face-swap app

Okay this is more for you than her, but it’s a memory guaranteed to last a lifetime.


Featured image via Gluta/Tumblr

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 11, 2016

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