The Wise Pup Making a Big Difference for Senior Dogs

A very special announcement here on the BarkPost: We'd like to welcome the amazing, incredible, adorable Susie's Senior Dogs as a BarkPost contributor! Susie is the pup behind the uber-famous Susie's Senior Dogs Facebook page and Instagram feed and she's here to bark about all things senior. If you know a senior pup in need, Susie is there to lend a paw. Hi humans! I'm Susie and I'm here to tell the world why senior dogs are the absolute greatest pets ever. I am a 14 year old Chihuahua mix that was adopted just three years ago when I was 11. Everyone told my human it was a bad idea to adopt me - I was old, I would be expensive, and I would take up a lot of time. But everything turned out to be just the opposite! My humans say they can't even remember life before me. susies senior dogs Since getting adopted, I've been to seven states and dipped my paws in two oceans. I've even crossed an international border. Can you believe it?! I can't! But I could do without the travel. That's not what makes me happiest. What I really love is just being with my human. My all time favorite activity is snuggling. And eating chicken. Actually, eating chicken in my human's lap is my all time favorite activity. Ever. susies senior dogs Now, it's my doggy duty to help spread my luck to other senior dogs. There are so many seniors sitting in shelters who are overlooked just because of their age. Some humans simply just don't know what they're missing. The bond between a human and their rescued senior pet is unbeatable. We don't need anything fancy, companionship is all we really crave. That's it. We may be a bit slower and like to sleep in a bit later, but our love for you is like none other. Below are my favorite senior moments from the past few years. <3  

Susie the Dog's Top 10 Senior Moments:

10. I know how to listen and not run off like an amateur. Susie's Senior Dogs   9. I know how to wrap presents with one paw. Susie's Senior Dogs   8. I know how to hold my pee from one side of the country to the other. Susie's Senior Dogs   7. I know how to wear a Vermont sweater in Vermont. Susie's Senior Dogs   6. I know how to relax. No puppy napping here. Like actually relax. SusieBBPeninsula   5. I know how to meditate. Susie's Senior Dogs   4. I know how to sneak in everywhere. Susie's Senior Dogs   3. I know how to get smart people to like me. Susie's Senior Dogs   2. I know how practice my doggy paddle. SusieBBswimming   1. I know how to be the queen of the world! Susie's Senior Dogs   For more Susie, be sure to check back for her BarkPost articles or check out her Facebook or Instagram! <3

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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