12 Everyday Tasks That Are Easier With Your Dog By Your Side

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

October 21, 2015

Sometimes being an adult stinks. As soon as you finish your long list of chores, it feels like it’s time to start all over again. Why not make housework a little more fun by getting your dog in on the action! Even if your pup isn’t as savvy with the domestic duties as the dogs in these videos, at least you’ll have your best bud by your side to pass the time.

  1. Laundry: 

Ugh. Laundry is the worst. There are so many steps, and something always seems to go missing. I wonder if Nutmeg’s mom is willing to rent her out on weekends?

2. Shopping:

Crowded aisles, long lines, price comparisons, coupon sorting… The only good thing about grocery shopping is that you end up with delicious food at the end!

3. Cooking:

The worst part about cooking is having to clean up the kitchen afterwards. Molly the dog helps her mom by opening and closing the cabinets and picking up dropped canned goods. Go Molly!

4. Setting The Table:

Okay, so this patient pooch isn’t actually setting the table; he’s being the table. Which is actually way better.

5. Doing The Dishes:

Brian the Schnauzer knows how annoying it is when you unload the dishwasher and find old food particles still glued to your dishes. To help his folks out, he’s pre-treating all the plates.

6. Cleaning The Toilet:

It’s a dirty job, but some pooch has got to do it!

7. Paperwork:

When tax season rolls around it sure is nice to have an accountant in the family!

8. Vacuuming:

This Boston Terrier must have heard about the Roomba fail where that silly robot ran right through a pile of poop! This guy’s parents are lucky he’s there to supervise!

9. Yardwork:

I guess this one is only fair. They must have a “you dig it, you mow it” policy at their house.

10. Chopping Wood:

Bingo the Lumberjack Dog knows that winter is coming. He’s doing his part for the family by providing plenty of firewood.

11. Dusting:

You dust and you dust, but it just never seems to be enough! Chase the Rhodesian Ridgeback lends a paw by polishing the coffee table to a glossy shine.

12. Changing The Oil:

His lack of opposable thumbs may prevent this genius pup from actually performing the work, but it sure doesn’t stop him from diagnosing the mechanical issue!

Featured image via Instagram

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Written by: Dina Fantegrossi

October 21, 2015

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