Taylor Swift Donates $10,000 To Help Boy With Autism Get The Service Dog Of His Dreams

Written by: Regina Lizik

February 12, 2016

Jordan Fox and her cousin Makaylee wanted to do something special for Jordan’s brother Jacob. Jacob is five years old and has autism. He has trouble socializing and he also wanders off. Wandering off is dangerous enough on its own, but Jacob has a tendency to wander toward bodies of water and moving cars.

For many people with autism, a service dog can be a lifesaver, especially for children like Jacob. A service dog can keep them from venturing off into dangerous territory.


His mother, Allison Hill, applied for Jacob to get a service dog through Autism Service Dogs of America. Jacob was accepted into the program, but that was only the first step. It costs $14,000 to get a pup from the organization.

To help raise funds, Jordan and Makaylee decided to ask people for donations in a completely unique way – they rewrote the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” and put the song on YouTube. Their grandmother, Susan Garcia, also put the video on a GoFundMe page.

The family got the surprise of their lives a few days ago when a $10,000 donation showed up on their page. Their surprise was even bigger when they saw who made the donation.

tswift donation

Thanks to the famous songstress’ generosity, the GoFundMe page has surpassed its goal!

It will take time before Jacob finds the service dog that is a right match for him, but we know that the two of them will become best friends and have a wonderful life together.

Feature image via Wikimedia Commons and GoFundMe.

h/t via Life with Dogs.

Written by: Regina Lizik

February 12, 2016