7 Crazy Tech Gadgets For Dogs That Prove The Future Is Now

Written by: Tiffany White

September 13, 2015

Owning a pet isn’t always easy, but you can make it a teensy bit easier with useful gadgets that take the hassle out of everyday tasks. These tech products prove that the wonders of technology go beyond the Internet…sort of.

1. BarkCam (FREE)

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Anyone who has struggled with a dog who won’t look into the camera, the BarkCam app will be your new best friend. The app shoots out sound effects to get your dog’s attention. Once you snap their photo, you can then edit them with cute filters. Think of it like Instagram for dogs.

2. PetNet Smartfeeder ($149.99)


Feeding your pet has never been easier with the SmartFeeder. The device comes with an app that lets you control when and how much food your dog eats daily. And when you run out of food, the device monitors your supply to send you more when you’re running low. Whoa, the future is here.

3. Pet Power Products Pooch Power Shovel ($119.64)


Say goodbye to bending over to pick up dog poop. This battery powered poop vacuum cleaner lets you suck up the mess while keeping it at a distance. Even better? The bag holds up to a week’s worth of waste.

4. GoPro Fetch Dog Harness ($59.99)


If you already own a GoPro camera, this dog harness is a required accessory. Capture the world from your dog’s point-of-view with this GoPro camera mount. You’ll be able to capture videos like this. So that’s what they do all day.

5. Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker ($52.67)


When you leave for work, does your dog whine? Ease anxious pups with this tiny speaker by Pet Acoustics. The speaker comes preloaded with calming sounds and music that’s scientifically-proven to calm pets. You can also put your own sounds on there if you have a pup that prefers listening to Bruno Mars.

6. iCam ($4.99)


Always keep an eye on your pooch while you’re away with this handy app. The app uses your phone’s microphone and camera to live stream footage to another device. It’s like a nanny cam for dogs.

7. Petzi Treat Camera ($169.99)


And if you have a little extra money to spend, the Petzi camera not only lets you see your dog, but also speak to them and dispense treats. The device was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and the product of many pet owners’ dreams is now available to own.

Featured image via PetNet

Written by: Tiffany White

September 13, 2015

Toothbrush-free dental care for dogs.

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A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.


A themed collection of BARK-designed toys, treats, and chews.