Teddy The Spazman Is The Peyton Manning Of Dinguses, And He’s Tackling Our Hearts

Teddy is part Coonhound, part Greyhound, and part professional derp. Dinguses like these don't come around every day. So without further a-dingus, let's introduce you to our weekly dingus, Teddy The Spazman  teddysmiling3 His mom, Diane, told us:
"Teddy was left tied up outside a rescue group and we saw his pic online and fell in love with him. He's using his 2nd chance in life to make people happy with his funny faces and phrases."
"Teddy lives with four other rescued pets: Roxie, 11 (a Black Lab mix who's smarter than all of us combined, and she's probably more like 12 but who's counting); Yogi, 8 (a tripawd Chihuahua. His "family" gave him up after he was in an accident and lost his leg. We fostered and ended up adopting him); Mama Kitty, 7 (a gorgeous calico kitty that keeps us all in line); Sydney, 16 (a very loud, bossy African Gray parrot)."
teddycrew Although I found him on Instagram, he has a much larger presence on Facebook, where every day he brings smiles to people's faces and proves that hounds are not just for hunting. They're also for derping. teddyderping2 He has the most perfect smile you have ever seen. It might not be the traditional sense of the word perfect, but it's the type of smile that is contagious. You can't look at him and not smile like a glowing idiot. teddyperfectsmile His other prominent physical feature is his fruit roll up of a tongue. Diane told us,
"He has the most expressive face, body, tongue - he actually does a lot of tricks with it!
Achem, ladies... teddylongtongue But seriously, this is long enough to qualify as the red carpet at The Oscars. teddytongue2 Speaking of ladies, his mom tells us despite his dingushood, he's actually pretty smooth with the ladies. He recently just broke things off with an Alaskan Husky, so I'm happy to report that he is single and ready to dingus. That sounded less dirty in my head. teddysocializing3 At least I can take comfort in the fact that Teddy is just as immature as I am. For real, I will be 73 years old and still unable to hear the word "duty" and NOT think to myself "Hahaha, DOODIE". teddypoopjoke Gotta love a dingus with a great sense of humor. teddylaughing He can almost always be found with a toy in his mouth. teddytoy He loves to toss it up in the air and catch it, or walk around upside down, which is actually impressively smooth for a dingus. teddyupsidedown When it comes to socializing, he is actually more confident than your average dingus. But he's also more dingus than your average dingus, so in the end it balances out. His mom told us,
"Teddy LOVES dogs and just wants to play play play! He has NO boundaries and he's FAST. I also think he has a little ADD 'cause he's on to the next one before the other one can even sniff him."
"TOO FAST, TOO CURIOUS." teddyrunning Like most dogs, he is not a fan of vacuums or loud sirens. But like most dinguses, he does have one irrational fear. And that is of balloons. "But what if it pops..." teddyscared Of all his wonderful quirks, his smile is my favorite. Mostly because he constantly looks like he is about to sneeze. teddysmilesneeze Like always. teddysneeze2 It's right there. teddysneeze3 "JUST COME OUT OF ME ALREADY YOU SNOT DEMON" teddysneezing5 "FOR THE LOVE OF NOSTRILS EXIT MY SYSTEM" teddysneezing6 SNEEZUS CHRIST. THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. teddysneezing8 Honestly, choosing which pictures to use was one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make. So do yourselves a favor and follow this phenomenal dog on Facebook. I have a feeling that no matter how internet famous he gets, he will always remain a grounded dingus. teddyshy And if you think YOUR pup has what it takes to be the Weekly Dingus, all you have to do is submit here
Featured image via Teddy The Spazman

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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