15 Gifs Of Nibbling Puppies Using The World As A Teething Ring

Don't bother buying flashy toys for that two-month-old pup. A puppy's favorite chew toy? You. 1. "Mmm, taste like pigeon." dachshund-nibble 2. "That's right. Reach all the way back. Get them wisdom teeth." shiba-likes-fingers 3. "I can't believe you're letting me do this." puppy-nom-cat [bp_related_article] 4. "You can't fool me, human. There be toes hidden in these slippers." puppy-slipper 5. "Bite me and I'll bite you back." biting-each-other 6. "This fence won't protect you from my love bites." puppy-love-bites 7. This Husky pup has graduated from toes to twigs. nomnom-tree 8. "Keep still, human!" stand-still-hooman 9. "All your hand are belong to us." lab-pups-on-hand 10. "*Sigh* Shoes. They're just not the same as toes." pup-shoe 11. Proof that Corgis' hatred of lettuce starts at an early age. pups-versus-cabbage 12. Tonight on the evening news, a man's foot is attacked by a deadly animal. puppy-toes-bite 13. "*nom nom* Wait, are those feet I see over there?" shiba-puppy-bite 14. "Furry finger, why do you run?" puppy-bite-tail

15. "My paws are small I know, but they're not yours, they are my own." pup-paw-bite

Featured image via I Heart Dogs

Tiffany White

7 years ago

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