Terrified Bonded Pit Bulls Rescued From A Truck Yard Need A Home Together

Lois and Clark have escaped the truck yard and now they're making their first appearance as a bonded pair ready to be adopted! Who are Lois and Clark, you ask? Two Pit Bulls, one male and one female, had been living together in a truck yard in Los Angeles for at least six months. Many kind people came to feed them, but none of them could take them in. Enter Hope For Paws. 25503797705_7848a71c57_o The two, now dubbed Lois and Clark, were hiding out beneath the trucks when Hope For Paws volunteers from the U.S.A, U.K, Costa Rica and Australia entered the truck yard to bring them to safety. Clark came a little easier than Lois, who nervously evaded her saviors for several minutes before allowing herself to be rescued. Lois was visibly more afraid than Clark - who, can I just point out, is absolutely soaking up the pats (be still my heart). 24877586903_8d152258a3_o But Lois made a complete 180 when she was reunited with Clark at an animal hospital. The tail wagging and kissing began! All these pups needed was each other and a little love. 25142382519_0aeb526344_z Hope for Paws and Dogs 26100362360_45c52a4bf8_z Their adoption is being handled by LA Animal Rescue and they are, of course, looking for their forever home as a bonded pair. LA Animal Rescue is hosting an adoption event on Saturday, April 16th at Tailwaggers where Lois and Clark will be making their first public appearance. Three woofs for Hope for Paws, LA Animal Rescue and, of course, Lois and Clark.
Story from Hope For Paws
Featured Image Eldad Hagar

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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