14 More Thanksgiving Dog Shaming Pictures To Make You Want To Guard That Turkey

Looking forward to gorging yourself on turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, and other Thanksgiving goodies? Your dog wouldn't mind joining in. What dog can resist the smell of a roasting bird? Or, sometimes, an unroasted bird? 1. Finally, a dog that understands the true meaning of Thanksgiving: sharing! doghshaming-again-thanksgiving-10 2. And at least that dog didn’t eat a whole turkey…raw, like this dog: dog-shaming-turkey-butter 3. Or risked injury to get a bite of ol’ Tom! dog-shaming-turkey-oven 4. Next come the sides. Some dogs will take extraordinary measures to get some Thanksgiving goodies. doghshaming-again-thanksgiving-8 5. At least yams are good for dogs, right? dog-shaming-yams 6. Really, this dog was just saving his humans from all those extra carbs! And the awkwardness of eating tacos on Thanksgiving. doghshaming-again-thanksgiving-2 7. And this dog just wants to make that awkward dinner with your family even more awkward. doghshaming-again-thanksgiving-9 8. Or that awkward dinner with your in-laws. doghshaming-again-thanksgiving-6 9. Cacarella is Italian for "diarrhea." Who bought this dog Rosetta Stone? doghshaming-again-thanksgiving-4 10. This dog's shaming skills are mad basic. Just dinner and not even a whole turkey leg? Are you new at this? doghshaming-again-thanksgiving-5 11. Of course, if you won't let your dog sit at the Thanksgiving table, they’ll find something else to feast on, like your wallet. dog-shaming-wallet 12. Or your friend's arm. doghshaming-again-thanksgiving-3 13. So watch your dogs this Thanksgiving. You wouldn't want your dog getting too bold. doghshaming-again-thanksgiving-11 14. Or, uh, too bleak. doghshaming-again-thanksgiving-1

Featured image via DogShaming

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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