The Best Goofy Goons From Our BarkPost Ambassadogs

This story originally appeared in BarkPost email, the new home of BarkPost’s original articles. If you want silly stories, fascinating dog facts, cute pup pics, and puplifting stories every week, sign up at! It's been awhile since we hit you with the best of our reader submitted photos, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't keep 'em coming! This batch of Pick of the Litter is from the BarkPost Ambassadogs Facebook group. If you haven't already, come join us! Here are some of the goofiest goons that you shared with us! 1. Selfie game on POINT. If this dog came up on Tinder, we'd 100% be swiping right because that dog SLAYS. 2. The latest in "Dogs Who Rest in Positions that Cannot Possibly Be Comfortable." I don't know if this pupper has been doing some mad yoga or what, but that stretch is DEEP. Honestly, I tried it. It involved a lot of maneuvering and my lower back will never be the same. 3. This week in "OMG HAVE YOU SEEN ANYTHING MORE PRECIOUS." We don't know if that doggo is extra big, or that human is extra tiny… but either way we've all been saying "Awwwwwww" for the past week. It's been super exhausting. 4. The ultimate butt sniff. If smellin' butts was a game, this is an automatic win. 5. Excuse me, I spit out my iced coffee. I laughed at this for an inappropriately long time. Also, very impressed with the meme-ification of this dumbo. Do you have some meme muscles to stretch? Post your best in Ambassadogs! Join the group and post your best pupper pics! Looking forward to laughing and squealing at your doggo soon! Thanks for reading! And sign up for BarkPost email to get our silly stories, fascinating dog facts, cute pup pics, and puplifting stories every week!

Samantha Erb

4 years ago

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