The Bond Of Love Gave Two Abandoned Dogs The Strength To Survive

Written by: Regina Lizik

January 2, 2016

When a snake bit Olaf, a one-year old Mastiff, in the leg, his family surrendered him to a shelter. The bite was severely infected and he needed immediate medical treatment. In a way, this was a blessing to the pup. The shelter sent him to Second Chance Rescue.

bond of love

Olaf was lonely in the hospital. His wound was healing, but he was very confused about why he was no longer with his family. Then on Christmas Eve, Olaf got a very tiny miracle that would have a huge effect on his life.

On Christmas Eve, someone abandoned a six week old puppy, now named Mariah, in a parking lot.

bond of love 2

Like Olaf, she needed immediate medical attention when she was rescued. She was hypothermic. As if by a Christmas miracle, she ended up at the same hospital as Olaf. When she arrived, this scared and freezing little girl had no idea that she was about to meet her best friend.

bond of love 3

It was ruv at first sniff for Olaf. His paternal instincts kicked in and he never wanted to leave Mariah’s side. Both dogs were lonely, scared and incredibly ill. Their love for each other eased their fears and helped them in their healing process.

A rescuer wrote on the organization’s Facebook:

Both were critical emergency cases, Olaf was badly bitten by a snake and had a horrible infection. Baby Mariah was lifeless and hypothermic, found abandoned on Christmas Eve. Well these two are enjoying each others company, both are still hospitalized, but they find comfort in each other.

bond of love 4

The pair are still recovering and not yet available for adoption. However, Second Chance Rescue, located in NYC, has many other dogs awaiting their forever human! You can see them here.

Written by: Regina Lizik

January 2, 2016