The World’s Smallest Working Dog Brings Big Bundles Of Joy To Everyone She Meets

Written by: Griffin Shaffer

May 27, 2014

Meet Lucy, the world’s smallest working dog.

Lucy 1

The tiny Yorkshire Terrier is only 5.7 inches tall and barely weighs 3 pounds.  And in case you were wondering, yes, she is certified by the Guinness World Book of Records.

Lucy 2

But this 6-year-old Yorkie’s story goes much deeper than just being really, really small and unbelievably cute.  Lucy was given a second chance by a woman named Sally.

“She was a skinny little lethargic mess,” Sally told the Good News blog about the time she first met her pup.  “No one wanted her.  She was just too sickly.  Her tongue hung low, one eye wandered, and she did not look like she would last very long.”

But the disheveled appearance of this little pup didn’t deter Sally from adopting Lucy, and with some love and proper nutrition, she nursed Lucy back to health.

“I began to see that Lucy was quite social, had quick responses, was eager to please and had a playful streak,” she recalls. “I saw how people responded to her; disbelief, bewilderment, affection and sometimes tears. She strikes a chord with the sick, injured, and bereft. Children stare in wonder.”

Lucy 4

But Lucy’s journey doesn’t stop there!  Sally trained Lucy to be a therapy dog, and together they visit schools, hospitals, and hospices.  Lucy can even do the “Stop, drop and roll” when teaching about fire prevention!  And to top it off, Lucy was awarded the Hero Dog citation from the New Jersey State Senate for her acts of kindness!

Lucy 5

To learn more about Lucy and her work as a therapy dog, visit her Facebook page.

Lucy 6

Featured image via Daily Wiggle

H/t Yahoo! Shine the Good News Blog

Written by: Griffin Shaffer

May 27, 2014