These Dog Lovers Went Hilariously Too Far With Their Holiday Cards

Hi Everydoggie! We know that pups are part of the family. We know they gotta be in the holiday card. But why like this?? WHY. LIKE. THIS???? These are some of our favorite Christmas cards we’ve seen– which means they’re of questionable taste, a little bit insane, and certifiably dog-centric. 1. This card’s good for a smile when you’re down in the dumps. But shouldn’t pooping be a private activity? A sacred moment you share with just you, your dog, and whoever’s on the street? j3ktb 2. This couple gets it: Space Chihuahua is the reason for the season. bad-dog-xmas-card-9 3. If the ‘joy’ you’re referring to is NSFW, don’t put it on a card. Feel like we shouldn’t have to say that… vcllu 4. Get that Husky out of that sweater. He is wearing the warmth equivalent of 300 sweaters everyday. Don’t embarrass him like this. rqbnrg5 5. Nothing like a mild threat to welcome in the holiday season! 7if9q 6. Something tells me Ben is single. Daisy probs has like a million boyfriends. Keep on slaying, Daisy! nnfqy 7. Okay, now I’m convinced that dogs are constantly looking down on us from ghost-like clouds in the sky. Right now my dog is in my lap, but he also might be on the ceiling?? Help! hjf8lei 8. Someone loves “A Christmas Story,” and I’m pretty sure it’s not that dog. ttp7w0a 9. I just. It didn’t have to be this way. decfn 10. Who’s going to tell the dog that we can still see him even when he’s very, very still? 9kzc3 mz4dp 11. The humans are flying in! And one pup is distinctly more on board than her brother. smkweorot All kidding aside, we hope you have a very happy and healthy holiday. And if you and your pup took a ridiculous Christmas card together, reply to this email and send ‘em our way!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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