These Pets Will Make You Want to Test If Your Pup Makes a Good Table

This article comes from our friends at Spoon University, the everyday food resource covering everything from the best local restaurants and simple, unintimidating recipes to how to navigate your first kitchen and recover from a hangover. Best part? Everything on SpoonU is written by people under 25! This article comes from Elizabeth Layman from University of California-Berkeley.

There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of a long day of classes, putting on a pair of ratty sweatpants and browsing the Web because videos of cats swatting at yarn and pictures of puppies playing in the grass make even the worst day at least half decent. Though all these Internet dogs and cats do wonders for the soul, some are more wonderful than others. Instead of doing our homework, Spoon dug up some of our favorites for you. Prepare to witness animals being used as perfectly good dinner tables.

100 Fruits and Vegetables on a Dog’s Head in 100 Seconds

This dog probably has more willpower than the entire Cal Spoon team put together. He balances everything from a ginger root to a bunch of radishes on his head. He makes a banana look like a halo and a head of lettuce look like a fashion accessory. He barely breaks a sweat when he balances half a water melon on his noggin. Headstrong doesn’t begin to describe this guy.

Cats and Citrus Stacking

These cats are peacefully resting side-by-side when suddenly someone puts a tiny, citrus fruit on top of each of their paws. They exchange looks. The stranger begins stacking. Unamused, the cats slit their eyes and return to their rest because that is what cats do best.

Multi-animal Food Stacking Challenge

Here we watch two dogs and a monkey battle their hunger, while their owners stack their favorite treats on and around their bodies. The first dog drools a little as the treats get balanced on his nose and head. The second dog lies on his back, perfectly still, while his owner stacks bones on every surface available. (Disclaimer: Even though the dog looks dead, we’re pretty sure he’s not.)

Bonus: The last contestant is a primate who is up against a fortress of bananas. He does pretty well until about banana #522 for which he reaches out one finger and strokes the banana closest to him. We can’t say we blame him, though. We’d be going a little bananas in this situation, too.

Food on My Dog Tumblr Blog

Food on dog

food on dog

food on dog

This is Tiger the Dog. She’s got a knack for balancing food on her head–and apparently (despite some of her funny faces), she really loves doing it. Her owner has a Tumblr blog dedicated to her foodie pastime. She balances everything from fruits and vegetables to bacon, sushi and sandwiches.

Featured image via @StuffonScoutsHead. Check out Scout’s book here!

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