13 Products For Dogs Who Like To Shove Their Bodies Into Small Spaces

Written by: Nicole Zalat

March 1, 2016

I can’t tell you how many times the BarkPost crew has gone on an all-hands search for Office Wiener Andi (aka the infamous sandwich thief), who would do anything for food but somehow can’t be bothered to announce herself when she hears us frantically calling her name.


Turns out she’s just doing what Doxies do and burrowing under several dog beds, blankets, other dogs — anything that reminds her of a small tunnel. Here are 13 products dogs who have a need to burrow would ruv.

Snuggle Sack, $16-48

dog in snuggle sack

This plush den will make any dog happy to crawl in and be comforted by the snuggly warmth of its ultra-soft interior.

Jax & Bones Dog Crate Cover Up Set, $159-259

crate cover for dog crate in orange

Turn your crate into a safe and secure area for your dog with this adorable set that serves two purposes in one: giving your dog privacy while converting the crate into a decorative piece that will please the humans!

crate cover up set

Microsuede Cozy Cave, $99-149

cuddledown cave bed

This American-made cozy bed has a half-circular hood for keeping your pup comforted and sleeping soundly.

Cotton Canvas Toy Bin, $40

cotton canvas toy bin

Give your dog the thrill of digging his favorite toy out from the bottom of the pile with this stylish collapsible canvas bin.

Canvas Dog Teepee, $88-195

canvas dog teepee

The Saguaro Dog Teepee is a drool-worthy statement piece for humans, and your dog will love chilling inside. Pair it with a snuggly dog bed or some ultra soft blankets and your pup will love feeling protected in his special little abode.

HeartPup Pocket Scarf Sling, $138

scarf sling

Here’s a chic way to carry your pup around while giving him all the comfort of being tucked away in Italian knit cashmere.

Zippy Burrows by ZippyPaws, $11.99-19.99

zippypaws burrow dog toy

Give your burrowing pup’s natural small prey drive a fun exercise with these clever hide and seek toys! Each set comes with three squeaky toys that fit into a larger “den” and come in cute versions like squirrels in a log or chickens in a hut!

Toile Blanket, $60-68

toile blanket multi

Give a Doxie or Terrier a comfy blanket and he’ll burrow into it as soon as you turn your back. This machine washable toile blankie is made of 100% canvas backed with plush berber fleece and comes in three colors.

toile blanket toots

Animals Matter Companion Burrow Tunnel, $79.95-99.95

burrow tunnel

Your pup might want to be out in the wild chasing small animals out of tunnels in the ground, but in your house she can dig into this luxurious roll-up. You can fit it as loose or snug as you want, and it can even be laid flat to be used as a napping pad.

Cotton Canvas Cube, $44

cotton canvas cube stella

Just because your pup has tons of toys doesn’t mean they have to be scattered all over the place. This cute canvas cube will keep all those toys corralled — at least until your dog faceplants into his toy pile again.

Charley Chau Snuggle Bed in Cotton, $90-109

snuggle bed

This snuggle bed is made especially for independent pups who don’t need no human to tuck them in at bedtime. And the cover is available in a variety of cute prints, too.

Love Thy Beast Canvas Pet Tote, $160-180

Love thy beast green Square-6381

This isn’t your average doggie tote. Designed with you and your pup in mind, it features a comfy scoop for your dog’s head to comfortable rest while being carried around town, and the water-repellant canvas material will keep him dry too.

BUSTER ActivityMat, $69


Made for super-smart burrowers, this activity mat can be customized and features lots of small openings that will encourage your dog to sniff out some yummy treats!

Featured image via Cuddledown

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Written by: Nicole Zalat

March 1, 2016

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