11 Things Only Coonhound Pup Parents Understand

A couple of weeks ago, I did something I swore I’d never do: I foster-failed and adopted my second dog.

Pepper Potts, formerly just Pepper, is a 4-month-old Coonhound mix. Now, I love hounds, but in the short time I’ve had her, I’ve begun to realize that Coonhounds, like Dachshunds, are similar to the kind of kid that teachers describe in the report card comments as: “Little so-and-so is just so bright, and would be a stellar student…if they applied themselves in the right areas.”

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Without further ado, here are 11 things only Coonhound pup parents understand.

1. They don’t keep their emotions in. They express them. Loudly. In front of everyone.

2. I mean seriously, they never STFU. Baying, howling, barking, whining, grumbling. You name it, they’ve done it — and all before 9 a.m.

Eventually you just become like this cat: Immune. Or, you know, possibly deaf.

3. Food is god and god is entirely reachable by ferreting out hiding spots on a regular basis with the willpower of a Marine and all the stealth of a tornado.

4. Your “No” translates in their head to “I’ll think about it and then do the exact opposite.”


5. You lose to the nose. Every. Single. Time.

6. Did I mention yet that they never shut up? I think they’re like Simon Cowell– overwhelmingly in love with the sound of their own voice.

7. Small furry things MUST BE DESTROYED even if the specific small furry things they see is your latest pair of slippers.

8. Dem eaaaaaaarrrrrrrrsssssss.

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9. They run like the derpy, derpy wind.

10. Stubborn isn’t just in their vocabulary, it’s every other word.

11. They’re the most loveable goobers on the planet. Ever.

Want a Coonhound to add to your family? Make sure to check out your local shelter and you can find a sweetheart like Peggy (Pepper’s IRL sister!) below who needs a forever home!


Featured Image via @therottencoonhound

Lisa Bernier

6 years ago

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