22 Things Only Pomeranian Parents Understand

Written by: Rachel Crocetti

February 17, 2016

Pomeranians are funny little creatures. They are tiny and fluffy with big mouths and even bigger personalities. Any parent of these fluffbutts will tell you that there are certain things that simply no one but a Pom-mom or dad could understand!

1. She will play with anything but her expensive toys.

You will inevitably buy a million toys for your Pom, in the hopes that you will find out which is her favorite. Unfortunately, she will probably completely ignore her toys and play with a sock or a ping pong ball for hours instead.

2. She always rolls in something incredibly smelly.

It will most likely be directly after a very expensive salon appointment, or an hour-long attempt at a bath at home. She will still look beautiful, but when you stick your whole face in her cotton-candy fur, you will realize that she quite literally just rolled in slugs, mud, or actual poop.

3. Brushing her knots is a disaster every time.

Poms are notorious for getting major knots in their thick fur if you don’t keep up. Not only will you feel guilty for brushing her fur, or even having to cut her knots out, but you will also fear that DPS (Dog Protective Services) will be called in response to her pig-like squeals as you try to fix her ‘do.

4. She is super smart.

This is both good and bad for the Pom parent. She will easily learn basic commands and tricks, but also find out how to outsmart you and every other living thing in the house.

5. Meeting big dogs is always a dog-and-pony show (literally and figuratively).

Poms can be huge fans of meeting new canine friends, but sometimes will get frustrated when meeting big dogs because they have a hard time reaching their butt to sniff. It’s like meeting someone but never finding out their name. #PomProbs

6. She is basically a local celebrity.

Always make sure to add on an extra 15 minutes to your walk time because everyone will want to stop and meet your Pom. Sometimes they may ask for a photo, maybe even an pawtograph, and there will be a lot of “Oh My God, she’s so FLUFFY!” When your fur looks that good, it’s hard to NOT please your fans.

7. Salon grooming appointments will put you in the red.

It’s not cheap lookin’ this good! Pomeranians have so many options at the local groomers – fancy shampoos, conditioners, “furminators” and more. Expect your Pom’s haircut to cost the same, if not more than your own.

8. You lose all chill when you see your Pom soaking wet.

Bath time is literally the equivalent to watching hilarious dog videos on YouTube for an hour. You will never not find it funny when your Pom takes a bath because she will be about half her size with her fur wet. You will realize there is a whole different dog underneath that beautiful mane – and your laughter will most likely be met with dirty looks from your Pom. (Need proof/entertainment? Follow the hashtag #pabt on Instagram – Poms Against Bath Time).

9. There are no cuddles like Pom cuddles.

Enough said. Poms have a tendency to cuddle in the funniest ways – lying on your pillow at night right above your head, warming your feet on the couch, or simply plopping down directly on top of you. And you probably won’t complain about it.

10. The need to catch her tail is realer than ever.

It’s big, it’s puffy, and she will always see it out of the corner of her eye. And like a bird or a squirrel, she just HAS to catch it. Entertainment ensues.


11. Her bone habits will never fail to amaze you.

She might hide her bones around the house which usually leads to an unexpected onslaught of bones falling out of the couch cushions or piles of blankets. She will think she has reached nirvana as the bones rain down on her.

12. She isn’t barky, she’s an effective communicator.

She’s loud, she’s proud, and she’s not afraid to show it. Poms just have a LOT to say.

13. Summer = hot dog.

…And we don’t mean the kind you get at a ball game. You will feel horrible every time you bring your Pom outside on a hot summer day, because their fur is like a winter coat. Air conditioning is a necessity for the small furry ones.

14. She is stealthy.

She probably gets away with a whole lot because she is small and sneaky. Poms are notorious garbage, sock and underwear robbers. If you feel like your sock drawer is looking a little empty, check under your bed. Socks galore!

15. She will try and dig a hole to China before lying down to sleep.

This is called ‘nesting’ in the doggy world and will probably never really make sense to humans. She will dig and dig at a flat ground, spin around a few times, and finally deem that her spot is ready to sleep in – five minutes later.

16. She’s probably be a little bit of a weirdo.

Poms are underrated dinguses. They may look posh and proper on the outside, but they are total doofs on the inside. A Pom in my life likes to take a single piece of food, throw it across the room, and then roll on it before eating it. Imagine if that is how humans ate their food?!

17. They will attack – with kisses.

They are tiny, but their kisses are fierce. Poms will thoroughly clean your hands before moving onto your face and their tiny tongues may even make their way up your nose. You will want to stop them because germs, but it’s too cute and you love them too much.

18. Zoomies are the funniest thing in the world.

Imagine a cotton ball. Now imagine a cotton ball doing zoomies. There you have it – a typical afternoon with a Pom.

19. You embarrass both your Pom and yourself by checking her bum in public.

Poms have a lot of fur, there’s no denying that. But the worst is when your Pom goes, ahem, number two, and you have to check her fluffy butt to make sure nothing is hangin’ on for dear life. She will roll her eyes, and you will get stares from other humans, but it’s all a part of the job.

20. Guys LOVE her.

A lot of guys will say “real dogs aren’t that small” in reference to a Pom, but will inevitably fall in love with her after mere minutes. Basically, your Pom is the ultimate wingman.

21. You can sneak her in places because she’s so tiny.

They are tiny, and also pretty much all fur so you can easily carry them in a coat, bag or tiny little dog carrier. The pure look of delight on the barista’s face when a fluffy little head pops out of your purse will never fail to make you smile.

22. During shedding season, you can brush her and essentially create another Pom.

Some Poms love being brushed and some hate it, but the one universal factor when brushing a Pom, is that there will be a LOT of fur. Clean out your brush after the session and you’ll be surprised at exactly how much fur comes out. You’d expect your Pom to look like a naked mole rat after that, but their coat is still just a thick and luscious as always!

Featured Image via @LuckyPomeraniian / Instagram

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Written by: Rachel Crocetti

February 17, 2016

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