This Guy Just Funded A Production of Hamlet With Pugs Through Kickstarter

Written by: Thea Raymond-Sidel

August 11, 2014

Get ready for the very thing you never knew you always needed: Puglet, a production of Hamlet acted entirely by pugs.

If you’re not like us, you might think, Why Hamlet? Why pugs? Kevin Broccoli, theater actor and the genius behind Puglet, told Buzzfeed he was inspired by the now-infamous Potato Salad Kickstarter. “I wondered if there was a theater version of that,” he said.

When Broccoli started the Kickstarter in July, he never expected to reach his goal, and initially saw the play as a joke. Now he plans to put it on, with real actors voicing the roles for the pugs from offstage. (He even joked with Mashable that James Earl Jones should be a pug for a night.)

kickstarterImage via Kickstarter

You’ll have to wait until next September for Puglet to come alive, and after all this press, tickets are bound to go for a pretty penny. But don’t drown yourself in the river! Broccoli plans to film the live production and put it online, so everyone can enjoy some angsty pug goodness.

So, because we can never let our pug knowledge go to waste, we have assembled a dream cast for Puglet. We confess to a bit of typecasting, but who can separate actor and character with these iconic roles? Kevin Broccoli, please send comped tickets if you choose to use our suggestions in the casting process.

Hamlet: @hamiltonpug

hamilton pug

Let’s face it: Hamilton is basically the twenty-first century version of Hamlet. He’s dark, he’s a little dangerous, and he goes a bit mad…for bully sticks.

Ophelia: @oscarpugpug


Can you imagine? When Ophelia goes to the river, she’ll sing “Hey, doggy doggy.”

Claudius: @thebumblesnot


This pug totally seems like he’s got something to hide. He could just be hangin’ out, bein’ a pug, but you never know when he’s ’bout ready to steal your mom’s love and kill your father. Just be warned.

Gertrude: @chubbsthewampug


She and Chubbs could totally have been behind King Hamlet’s death. #dogshaming

Horatio: @oscarpuglife


“Hamlet, fwiend, you didn’t see a ghosht. I pawmise.”

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: @pugsmile


No explanation necessary. Daisy and Felix were made to play Hamlet’s dopey, joined-at-the-paw friends.

What’s next, Titus Andogicus? Taming of the Shitzu? Twelfth Treat? Let’s hope this Broccoli character is ready for Shakespeare in the Pawk.

h/t to Buzzfeed. Featured Image via Kickstarter.

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Written by: Thea Raymond-Sidel

August 11, 2014

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