Fulfill Your Dog’s Dreams With This Peanut Butter Surprise

Editor’s Note: Before you feed your dog peanut butter, make sure this dangerous additive isn’t in it first.

Sunday, January 24 is National Peanut Butter Day! The only thing that comes close to being better than this gooey spread, is watching your pup attempt to lick every last bit of it off of his face.

pb giph

This year, trade in the spoonful and step it up for your pup with a Peanut Butter Ruver’s Box! (It’s the least you can do after forcing them into all those weird holiday sweaters.) 😉

pb image 3

Here’s some of what you’ll find inside!

charlie pb

Benebone Peanut Butter Chew: If your dog likes the Bacon Benebone this might just be their new favorite chew. It’s also great for dogs that devour bones faster than a shark.

pb benebone

Peanut Throw and Retrieve Toy: The yellow peanut bounces in every which direction and can be filled with treats or peanut butter for an extra special treat.

pb image 4

Like the Benebone it’s also super durable and can withstand the jaws of any heavy chewer.

peanut collage 2

Strawberry Dog Toy: The treat dispensing berry has a minty scent to prevent any gnarly smellage.

alt strawberry

Peanut Butter Treats: The treats included in the box fit both of the treat dispensing toys so you won’t have to worry about running out of playtime fuel.

pb box new

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Featured image via peanut butter fingers

Melina Giakas

6 years ago