This “Ugly” Dog Found A Family That Saw The Beauty Within Her

Reviewed by Tiffany White

August 27, 2015

Lisa arrived at Humane Society of Silicon Valley in Milpitas, California with an unusual appearance. She had swollen, puffy eyes, a condition called “cherry eye.” She also had chemical burn scars all over her face from alleged past abuse.

Typically, dogs with facial disfigurements don’t get adopted easily, and at first it seemed like that would be the case for Lisa during an unsuccessful adoption event.


“When you get an animal that has that facial disfigurement that Lisa has — it is hard to look at for some people,” Dowling told HuffPo. “We had had a bunch of puppies and every single puppy had been adopted within the first hour and a half and it was Lisa that was still there at the end of the day.”

But despite her appearance, including a massive cone around her head due to a recent eyelid surgery, Lisa found a family that saw her for the happy puppy that she was.


“She just has a wonderful, sparkling personality,” Doblar told The Dodo. “The fact that she was going to each of us, and just as loving and exuberant with everyone she greeted … we looked at a few more dogs but nobody could compare to that.”

Two weeks later, Lisa, now named Lucky, is now living the high life with the family she always deserved. Proof that looks are only skin deep!

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Featured image via  HSSV

Reviewed by Tiffany White

August 27, 2015