This Year’s 5 Best April Fools’ Pranks Involving Dogs

We pulled a prank of our own on this most pawsome pawliday, but turns out a few other companies had some pup-related pranks as well!   5. Thorpe Theme Park to Allow Dogs on Roller Coasters This theme park in Surrey, UK proclaimed to finally provide a service for doggie daredevils saying they'd be offering an annual event named, "Bring Your Dogs to Thorpe Bark." They probs should get better seat belts. ;) Thorpe Park April 1st   4. American Well's Puppy Connect Feeling a bit down? American Well already connects you with doctors and nutritionists-- now they will connect you with a puppy. YEE-PAW!   Blue Apron's Puppy Chef Hey-- this pup washes his paws before he gets cookin'-- we'd totally eat his s-paw-ghetti car-bone-ara.   2. Google Apps for Business Dogs This one hits a bit close to home for those of us in the Bark & Co. pawfices. And there's an adorable pup in a sweater vest...   1. BC Footwear's Dog Shoes Extending their line of amazing shoes to fit dogs? Not a bad idea guys. We'd do almost anything to meet that tiny Pug in jelly shoes. ;) funny april fools prank april fools prank dogs  

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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