An Easy Way To Protect Your Dog’s Paws This Winter

Written by: Melina Giakas

February 4, 2016

Morton Salt and BarkPost have teamed up to spread the word on protecting your dog’s paws this winter! Morton Salt’s Safe-T-Pet® is a salt-and-chloride free ice melt alternative. The veterinarian-recommended formula causes less irritation to paws than plain salt.

After the first snowfall here in New York City, I saw just as many dogs protesting to walk across the street as I saw playing in the snow.

puppynamedcharlie offical photo
Most of the time, it’s because the salt on the roads or sidewalks can irritate the padding of your pup’s paws. Because of this, I find myself avoiding longer walks and rushing my dog Levi back inside to clean off his paws. It also doesn’t help that he refuses to wear those awkward looking booties.

paw print

The same seems to go for other pup parents around the neighborhood who I’ve seen picking up their full-grown Doodles to avoid salty patches of ice melt on the ground.

jax the doodle

To help avoid this whole “pick up your 50-lb. dog every 10 feet” scenario, Morton offers a milder ice melt alternative. Safe-T-Pet is a salt-and-chloride free ice melt that lets you worry less about your dog and more about how you’re going to get your car out of that snow-turned-solid-ice-tundra.

Here’s How It Works:
Step 1. Evenly sprinkle Morton Safe-T-Pet on snowy or icy surfaces.

Step 2. Watch your pup go from weary to wigglebutt. 😉

PIT 1 new


PIT 3 new

Thanks to Morton Salt, I was able to try Morton Safe-T-Pet on my own steps. And since Levi walks on other salty sidewalks besides my steps, I wanted to give bags of Safe-T-Pet to my dog-loving neighbors so that all the neighborhood pups’ paws are less irritated as well! I’m a handwritten note type of person so I also included a note from Levi’s perspective about why the ice melt they choose to use matters.

updated letter
Interested in making your own streets more paw friendly? Share and tag your local businesses to spread the word on this kind alternative to salty paws. 😉 To learn more about Safe-T-Pet and where to purchase some for your own home visit

Featured image via. @borderhusky_yoko

Written by: Melina Giakas

February 4, 2016