It’s 2016. Here’s Why Your Dog Should Have A Website.

Written by: Melina Giakas

January 18, 2016

BarkPost and Squarespace have pawtnered up with @ifitwags, @thefugee, and @remixthedog to teach pup parents how to make a Cover Page for their dog! Cover Pages are an easy way to create a one-page website in minutes. Squarespace offers dozens of award-winning designs to choose from and provides 24-hour support. Each website also comes with a free online store!

There are a few sure ways to find out if it’s time to take your pup obsession to the next level. For me, it’s the fact that I keep a framed picture of my dog Molly on my nightstand instead of one of my boyfriend (the sorry Dan! You’re so great. You’re not Molly, but you’re still so great. Can’t wait for dinner later).

If you take the time to boil free-range chicken for your dog’s meals, leave the television on their favorite channel (Food Network) for them when you head out, and are always more excited to be greeted by your dog than your own mother when you return home for the holidays, then these next three things will ring just as true for you.

1. You’ve taken hundreds – nay, thousands of pictures of your dog. Some of which are professionally shot.
You haven’t had space on your phone since before you got your dog and every time there’s a system update and you are prompted to “free up space on your device” it’s the worst day of your life.

dog picture 2 squarespace new

2. Your dog has a presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat reminiscent in following of the most popular girl in the most popular high school in the United States. If you’re truly nuts about your pup you probably also have Twitter, Vine, and even Linkedin. 😉
You take personal offense on behalf of your dog if he doesn’t get the adoration from the masses of the world like he deserves.

instagram image

3. You’ve seriously considered taking your dog obsession to the next level by creating a website solely for your pup. I mean, let’s face it. It’s 2016. Your dog deserves a website.
Remix The Dog is just one of the bunch who used Squarespace to create a custom Cover Page. They’re basically a classy way to help your dog rule the Internet.

remix the doge

@ifitwags also created a classy Cover Page that we loved!

cover page 2

The same goes for @thefugee. =p

cover page 3

When we found out HR Frank, our pawffice dog, didn’t have a website (gasp) we knew we needed to take action. His dad clearly didn’t love him enough to make one. So, we decided to show our intense love and appreciation for his doleful face, luscious folds, and squishy nose by giving him his very own one-stop site on the interwebz. This is what it turned into. (Psst. Squarespace supports gifs!)

HR Frank SS

We asked BarkPost readers to create one of their own for a chance to win $250 to BarkShop! The Cover Pages we received were so great that we decided to ask Frank to lend a paw in picking the winners. 😉 Declan Dog, John Tavares, and Alex Bird were three of the lucky pups that took home first, second, and third place. 😀

To learn more about creating a Cover Page for your pup sniff on over to

Featured image via @ifitwags on Squarespace

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Written by: Melina Giakas

January 18, 2016

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