Vendors Are Tricking People Into Believing That There’s Such A Thing As Tiger Dogs

There’s a startling new trend in Chongqing, China – street vendors are selling a rare breed of dog called Tiger Dogs. The problem is that Tiger Dogs aren’t real.

tiger dogs 1

Vendors trap stray puppies, some only a few weeks old, and then spray painting them with orange and black paint to give them tiger-like markings. While there are many pet safe dyes on the market, the ones that street vendors are using aren’t safe for pets, especially puppies.

tiger dogs 3

The puppies’ skin quickly absorbs the toxic paint, causing many of the dogs to die within a matter of days.

tiger dogs 2

Thankfully, rescuers are stepping in and trying to save the pups before it’s too late. They are washing off the paint and, in some cases, shaving the dog’s fur.

There have been reports of incidents like these in the past, but we hope this trend is one that doesn’t last.

h/t via Digital Trends.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago