The Best Tinder Profile In Existence Has Photoshopped Puppies, A Dragon And Beyonce

So, 31 year-old art director Jude Senese decided that making the usual Tinder profile? Boring. Instead, he used his artistic creativity to give birth to probably the most outrageous, ridiculous and epic Tinder profile ever. There's Beyonce. tindr A bear. tindr2 GOT fire! tinder3 Pizza in space. jude-tinder-6 And best of all? PUPPIES!!!! jude-tinder-5 Though he told AdWeek that it isn't getting him dates really, he thought it was a fun little project. As for us, we say, dude: High paws.
Featured Image via AdWeek
h/t to E! Online

Lisa Bernier

7 years ago

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