23 Illustrations That Show How Your Dog Really Sees The World

Since 2011, illustrator Christopher Rozzi has continued to add to his collection of Tiny Confessions, the true thoughts and feelings of our darling dogs. Here are 23 Tiny Confessions about the subjects that concern dogs the most. 1. Eat, Play, Love tiny3 2. Proportions tiny2 3. Loyalty tiny4 4. Oblivious Joy tiny5 5. Attention Spans tiny7 6. Top Secrets tiny6 7. Temporary Bonds tiny8 8. Brazen Honesty tiny1 9. Role Reversals tiny9 10. Self-expression tiny10 11. Sensitivity tiny11 12. Faith tiny12 13. Confusion tiny13 14. Philosophy tiny14 15. Fond Memories tiny15 16. The Inner Dog tiny16 17. Science tiny18 18. Material Possessions tiny19 19. Leisure tiny20 20. Fashion (and Dander) tiny21 21. Social Rituals tiny22 22. Self Awareness tiny23 23. Strategery tiny24
H/t to Buzzfeed

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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