Tiny dachshund puppy, where do you go?

Written by: Jared Smith

December 15, 2015

Greetings and howl-utations,

At BarkPost, we’re not just nerds for perfect pictures and ridiculous dog videos– we’re also a bit of a hotel for dogs. (But not like, the hotel for dogs.) Our office is always open to foster pups, and tons of little guys have spent time with us before finding their forever homes. Those homes, pretty often, are with us. 🙂


One foster came into our life this week and we’re already crazy smitten- he’s the itty bitty wiener we call Scooter.


Scooter is the smallest lil’ wiener we’ve ever seen. We even confirmed this with our official Measure Your Wiener ruler.


A survey of the office confirms that Scooter is “eeee so smol!” and “he smells like cocoa powder!” and “agghhhh I want to scoop him up and put him in my pocket!” and- hey- wait a minute-


By gum, the lil’ goober FITS. INTO. A POCKET.

Well now we had to know where else we could stick this little wiener.

Scooter fits into… the paper tray!


“Your printer is running low on ink and running really, really high on AWWWWWW.”

Scooter fits into… a motorcycle helmet!


Where you ridin, lil buddy? Mind if we come along?

Scooter fits into… my lunchbox!


Scooter fits into… Katie’s poop hat!


Someday, young one, you too shall be a Poop Wizard.

Scooter fits into… our littlest BarkBox


Small & cute recognize small & cute.

Scooter has already been adopted and he’ll be moving to his forever home by the start of next week– say it with me, “NOOOOOO!”– and though we’re sad to see him go, we know he’s gonna fit quite perfectly in his new family’s arms.

And if you have a little dog and found a sneaky place to fit ‘em, send us a picture! We wanna see all the little wieners! But like- you know. Within reason.

Written by: Jared Smith

December 15, 2015