Tom Brady’s Dog Schools Everyone On How To Take The Perfect Selfie

I bet you think you know how to take the perfect selfie, don't you? You know all about contouring those cheekbones, how to put your face at just the right angle - and you even know how to pucker your lips so that you don't look like you're doing a full-on duckface. You've taken your selfie and you've used all the right hashtags, so you post it to Instagram and you wait... and then you wait... and now you're wondering what the pup is going on because no one has liked your pawfect face yet! What is happening!? I'll tell you what happened. Tom Brady's dog happened. You thought you knew how to take the perfect selfie? NOPE. You were wrong. Thanks to Scooby, there's a new selfie-face in town and it's this: tom brady dog So, if you want to skyrocket to selfie stardom, forget the contouring - in fact, forget your cheekbones, lose the #duckface and opt for the #earflopderp next time. It's the only face that matters.
Feature image via Gisele Bündchen

Regina Lizik

6 years ago

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