Everyone Thought This Dog Was Too Ugly To Love But He Proved Them Wrong

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

September 8, 2015

We all know we should never judge a book by its cover, but not everyone lives by that rule. Many people turned their backs on Augustus, a stray dog who roamed the streets of Alabama. People threw things at him to get him off of their property because he looked so awful.

augustus 3

We can see why people would be scared of this pup, but to us, and to the humans of Heart Of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA), Augustus looked like he was in desperate need of medical attention and love.


His rescuers weren’t sure what breed he was due to his severe case of mange. He also had worms and ear infections. Once his fur began to grow in, they realized that Augustus was a Border Collie mix.

augustus 5

Augustus now has all of his glossy coat and is happy and with people who love him. His transformation is truly the most amazing one we’ve ever seen – and we’ve seen a lot of rescue transformations!

Watch the video below to see how Augustus’ went from a mangey mutt to a stunning pup: (Seriously, you won’t believe how he looks at the end)

Feature image via Augustus 2.0

h/t The Daily Share.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

September 8, 2015