The 10 Greatest Reasons Why Dog People Are Winning At Life

My dogs are my life. I speak to them in a weird high-pitched language that makes no sense at all... except to my pups. Because my dogs are so incredible, I thought I would create a top-ten list of why dog people have this winning at life thing figured out. :) 10.) You always have an excuse to get out of an event: “Oh, sorry I can’t attend that after-work party. My dog has been cooped up in my house all day, and I have to take her out. Maybe next time!” All the while, knowing there will actually be no next time. Sneaky you! 10

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9.) Don’t have any clean blankets to cuddle up with on the couch? No problem. Just call your pup over for some quality snuggle time. Little does he know you’re using him for your own selfish reasons. 9

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8.) Can’t find the motivation to work out? Your dog is the perfect companion. She won’t judge you for stopping after every minute to take a breather, and she will keep up with your pace. She is also the best secret keeper. After all, you deserve that Ben & Jerry’s after that long run! 7

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7.) Did you happen to spill an entire container of hummus all over your kitchen floor? No problem. Your pooch will enjoy cleaning up every last drop. Who knew owning a dog could save on cleaning costs and be so environmentally friendly? Your friends must be totes jelly. 8

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6.) Your weird neighbor keeps trying to invite himself over…no need to fear, you have a dog remember? Your weird neighbor doesn't have to know that your pup is a complete moosh and will probably lick any unexpected guests to death. 6

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5.) You would love nothing more than to babysit your friend’s lovechild, but Fluffy isn't a fan of babies. Darn. 5

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4.) Your mom keeps nagging you about how you never do anything anymore, and your love life is nonexistent. Go visit a dog park. They are always full of social people and what cute guy/girl doesn’t love dogs right? It’s also a great place to make new friends to set-up “doggy dates.” 4

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3.) Your pawliday card game is incredible. I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress their dog up as Santa Paws for Christmas and make adorable Christmas cards?? And have you seen all of the different collar designs and organic dog foods? Or BarkBox? :) 3

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2.) Just admit it. You live for the limelight. All eyes must be on you, the center of attention. You know what would make you even more likeable and approachable? A dog. Who doesn’t run after that person walking their adorable dog down the street? Just make sure you’re ready for a commitment other than yourself when adopting Fido ;) 2

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1.) They are way less expensive than a baby, they can’t talk back to you, they love you unconditionally no matter your circumstance and they are your BFF fo’ life! Now, go on down to your local animal shelter and adopt the new love of your life! 1

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Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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