15 Petiquette Tips That’ll Turn Your Pup Into The Best Hotel Guest Ever

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 16, 2016

Want to make sure your time staying with your pup at a hotel is all puppy kisses and butterfly wings? Here are the top 15 petiquette tips you can easily follow to keep the hotel staff begging for you to stay. It doesn’t matter if it’s a motel, a 2 star or a 5 star Hollywood Boulevard shindig, basic dog etiquette rules are the same.

1. Call ahead to check the hotel’s pet policy.

Never arrive with an unannounced pet even if you already stayed at that location with your pet. Rules change. You want staff to love having your pet as a guest!


2. Liar liar pants on fire? Be honest about your pet’s size.

Upon booking, be honest about your dog’s size. Some hotels have weight restrictions or limit the number of pets allowed in each room.


3. Puppy dog eyes are for humans too!

Ask for an exception to be made. If you can’t find a hotel that will accept your pet you may want to try a sell job. Let the manager know how good and quiet your dog is (if he/she is).  Offer a deposit or sign a waiver.


4. Cha CHING Cha CHING! Know and pay the fee.

Free? Pet fee? Deposit? Know the hotel policy ahead of time, get it in writing and honor it.


5. A well-trained Pooch is a welcomed guest.

If your dog still has accidents, barks, scratches, whimpers, or growls at strangers then sign up for some canine obedience and training. Correct all before you travel.


6. Don’t leave your dog alone in the room.

You plan to spend hours sightseeing without your dog, ask the hotel for referrals for doggie day care facilities or an in-room pet sitter. If you must briefly leave your dog alone in the room hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Some hotels may require you to keep your dog in a crate when you’re not in the room


7. Location, location, Location! Ask for the right room.

A room on the ground floor will make it easier to go for potty breaks. Ask for a room where there’s little foot traffic and away from elevators, stairs and swimming pools.


8. Poop and Scoop! Clean up after your dog immediately.

Quickly pick up your dog’s messes right away. Many pet-friendly hotels have designated outdoor areas for dogs, so be sure to take your pooch there for potty breaks. Out of courtesy to other guests don’t let your dog do his or her business in close proximity to other rooms or on hotel landscaping.


9. It’s not really mi casa es su casa. Don’t use hotel towels on your dog.

If your dog has an accident in the room, clean it up with paper towels (ask for these ahead of time), and not the hotel’s bath towels. If your dog needs a bath ask the hotel for appropriate towels.


10. Dogs off the furniture.

If the hotel policy states so, don’t allow your pooch to jump on sofas, chairs or beds. Cover the furniture with a sheet you’ve brought from home or use one provided by the hotel.


11. Respect leash rules.

Unless encouraged to do so, don’t allow your dog to run around freely and off-leash on the hotel property. This is not your house and there is a reason you are referred to as a “guest”.


12. Bring your own food and water dishes.

Although some hotels now provide them; bring your own food and water dishes and place them on the tile floor in the bathroom for easy clean up.


13. Have a Lady and the Tramp moment! Enjoy some room service spaghetti! 

Always ask if there is a pet friendly dining option such as a patio. For many, however the only way you can eat with your canine friend is to order room service or order take-out. In Europe this may be less of an issue with many restaurants allowing pets but always ask.  The same applies to bars and pubs.


14. Honesty IS the best policy! Pay for any damages.

When you check-in, point out any damage already in the room so your pet is not blamed for something it did not do. Let the hotel know if your dog breaks anything, and offer to pay to replace it. Don’t force them to chase you, even if you paid a pet deposit or fee.


15. You may think you’re Ace Ventura smooth, but don’t sneak your pet into a hotel.

Don’t sneak your dog into a hotel that is not pet friendly or in order to avoid the fee. The hotel might have a good reason for its rules and it is better to avoid feeling like a criminal. Switch to a more dog-friendly location.


And that’s all folks! How you and your pet behave will determine whether or not you are invited back. Keeping a hotel pet-friendly relies on proper etiquette.  Sadly many previous pet-loving hotels have closed their doors to our animal companions due to the misbehavior of the few.  Be an ambassador for the concept of pet friendly hotels.

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

March 16, 2016

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