Your Top 5 Incredible Dog Moments Of The Week

There’s a lot that happens on the Internet. And there are many, many stories and videos featuring our adorable doges that gain popularity. But here and there are just stories so great, so adorable, or so incredible they go viral.

Here are the Top 5 pup moments that were so pawesome, they went viral this week!

1. Tiny puppies are saved with tiny oxygen masks.


According to FlaglerLive, when Florida firefighters contained a house fire in Palm Coast Tuesday, they also rescued six dogs from the blaze. Two of these pups were puppies, and teensy tiny oxygen masks were used to help them breathe. We had no idea they made oxygen masks that small, but we are ridiculously grateful they exist!


2. A prairie dog faceplants off an actual dog.

The meta makes it. The slow-mo recap is the pièce de resistance.

3. Buzzfeed talked about 11 reasons you should never own Pit Bulls.

BEFORE YOU GET MAD — just watch. It’s not what you think.

4. A K9 police puppy brings down a criminal!

Ok, the pup was training and it was a fake criminal but still, the PUP didn’t know that.

Puppy Police Dog In Training

This mini-police puppy in training is trending ALL OVER the internet.

Posted by JukinVideo on Monday, March 23, 2015

5. Finally, Amy Schumer gives her funny lady spin on hoomans at a doggy day care.

Ladies, love is not a competition!

And here’s the cutest picture on the Internet RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

Can you handle that pink paw? Because we can’t.

Paw Revoir until next time, and remember:


Featured Image via The Telegraph

Lisa Bernier

7 years ago