Toy Dies A Quick And Painless Death At The Paws Of Four Adorable Wigglebutt Pups

The awesome humans of Four Your Paws Only pet supplies and doggie bakery in New Hampshire like to test out their merchandise on their own pack of pups. This past week, they thought they’d bring home a giant monkey toy from their store for their Goldens and their Pug to check out.

The pups didn’t so much as check it out as they… well… destroyed it. Actually destroyed is too light of a word for what they did to this poor toy.

Watch the carnage below:

Last night there were three of these giant monkey toys leftover from Christmas at FYPO. We decided to take one home for the Goldens and here is what happened. They played with this thing all night long and then again this morning, ha ha! We had to watch for the squeakers and clean up a lot of fluff, but it was worth watching the fun they had! We have 2 left in the store and they are 50% OFF! Great fun for multiple dogs 🙂

Posted by Four Your Paws Only on Thursday, January 7, 2016

While we’re sorry for any suffering the toy monkey may have endured before it took its trip to dog-toy-heaven, we’re certainly glad that these doggies had oodles of fun ripping him up! Their wiggly butts are to die for! (get it? GET IT?)

Regina Lizik

6 years ago