These Sleepwalking Dogs Are Strange, Spooky, And All Kinds Of Hilarious

Ghost-walking. Trancing. It’s a genuinely weird thing that some doges do. How bizarre are we talking? Well, check out the video below:

Does it look like he’s moving in slow motion? Yes. Is it a camera trick? No. Dog trancing (or ghost-walking) is just something some pooches love doing. Usually dogs trance around trees or other hanging objects that gently touch their back, like this doge:

No one seems to know the cause, though vets have ruled out focal seizures or problematic health triggers. Neither does it seem a bid for attention. Not all dogs do it. Just some, though a few breeds seem more likely to do it than others (Bull Terriers, for instance).

And far from being in pain, they actually seem to enjoy in. In fact, many owners report that when they snap their dogs out of a trance, they seem slightly irritated at being interrupted in their their…er…creeping.

Do you have a dog that trances? Or know a dog who does? Let us know in the comments below! Perhaps we can all collaboratively figure out what’s behind this genuinely strange (but hilarious) pup behavior!

Featured image via Shinga

Lisa Bernier

8 years ago