Shelter Pittie Was Too Scared To Go On Walks, But The Beach Changed Everything

Written by: Michella Ventres

June 4, 2016

Los Angeles Animal Control brought Roxy to the shelter after they found her hiding in a bush. She sat cowering in the corner of her kennel, too scared to move. At first, when shelter staff placed a leash on her, she was so scared that she would just stiffen and flatten herself to the ground, refusing to move and forcing the staff to carry her for every trip outside.


Every day, more than 200 Pit Bulls are killed in Los Angeles County alone, so it was vital that Roxy get out ASAP. Luckily, a month later, this girl was rescued by Karma Rescue, but it would still take five days before she would go for a walk.

Sharra and Glenn Platt came across this fearful girl’s profile, and even after the rescue described her issues, they wanted to take her on. Sharra told The Dodo, “I just knew, in my heart, that we could help her.”

Soon, Roxy had a new furry family including three cats and a Pomeranian named Kasey. But she still had a lot of work ahead of her. Roxy was not walking well and was petrified of loud noises and various things within the house. Eager to help, Sharra and Glenn enlisted the help of a professional, Manuel Hernandez. Sharra told The Dodo:

I think the most important thing Manuel told us was to not give her affection when she was showing fear. It’s the one thing you want to do the most, but he drilled it into our heads that rewarding fear by giving affection actually encourages the fear. Our job was to encourage her to move through the fear, and praise her like crazy when she did.

While it took quite some time for her to get there, Roxy did make progress walking. She was just a little slower than others when doing it, but little by little this girl got that much further. After about five months, Sharra and Glenn brought Roxy to the beach.

Sharra said, “[Roxy] watched Kasey run into the water before she tried it herself. It was clear on that first day that Roxy was going to be a beach dog.”

Now Roxy is living the good life with regular trips to Malibu Beach, and look how much fun she has doing it! It was a long time coming and there are certainly still hurdles to cross, but even this piece of happiness is a huge step forward for Roxy and her family.

Take a look through the gallery at the top of this post to see more of Roxy in all her adorable glory!

If you would like to help Karma Rescue continue to rescue animals just like Roxy, you can donate here.

Featured Image: Karma Rescue

H/T: The Dodo

Written by: Michella Ventres

June 4, 2016