Pup Rescued From Hoarding Situation Gets Unexpected Second Chance

Rescue Pomeranian Trixie returns to Broadway in the new musical Living On Love! You may remember her from her star turn in last year’s Bullets Over Broadway, where she portrayed Mr. Woofles, a neurotic pooch in the city.   Living On Love Broadway Dog Champagne Trixie was adopted from a shelter in Armonk, NY by veteran entertainment industry animal trainer Bill Berloni. Trixie's award-winning "acting coach" explains, "When we look for dogs to perform, we look for ones who are friendly and handle stress well. And, unfortunately, an animal shelter is an environment with a lot of stress."

Bill Berloni chats with Laura last year at the Bark & Co. office bill berloni dog trainer pomeranian

Living On Love is a comedic musical about romance, revenge, and big personalities. The show's human stars include world-renowned soprano Renée Fleming as a demanding diva, Tony nominee Douglas Sills as her philandering husband, plus Jerry O'Connell and Anna Chlumsky as their respective objects of attraction. Trixie plays "Puccini." (Opera x dog pun for the win!) Living On Love Broadway Dog Actress If you’d like to see Trixie in action, we have a discount code for you! Click here or visit and use code LOLDOGBOX

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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