Tuna’s Toothy Tribute To Anna Kendrick’s Instagram Proves Overbites Rule

We ADORE Tuna. And we're fans of dogs doing ridiculous things. So when we saw that Tuna had recreated some of Anna Kendrick's Instagram pics, we were IN. RUV. And also laughing hysterically. Behold the magic: Up all night: there's levels to this. 1Tuna-3 Nope, no Photoshop here! 3TUNA-7 How is it even possible to look so fresh and dewy? 2Tuna-5 Oh my dog, she is so approachable, right??? 3_4Tuna-6 Fab. TUNA-10 Witness the behind-the-scenes of the photo-cute below!
Featured image via Mashable
h/t Mashable

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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