Tuna Melts My Heart’ Steals The Spotlight In Hilarious L.A. Based Web Series

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 11, 2016

Here in LA, dogs are more than just “woman’s best friend”; they’re the perfect party companion, the hottest accessory, and sometimes the most talked about celebrity in the room.

Recently I got to sit down with webseries creator, Rory Uphold, to hear about what it’s like to write for and work with celebri-dog, Tuna Melts My Heart. Her critically acclaimed series, HelLa, just made it’s second season debut. HelLA (pronounced hell-lay) is a short form comedy series about the misadventures of Rory Uphold living her life in LA. Each Episode is a snapshot of an ‘Only in LA’ type moment. It’s a classic fish-out-of-water tale that involves hijinks like accidentally spray tanning Sophia Bush, meeting the Hollywood Jesus while stoned, and of course, getting upstaged by a spotlight-stealing Chi-weenie.


First off Rory tell me about YOUR best friend/dog!
Benson Olivia Hedges, the first, is the light of my life. She’s a toy Poodle/Bijon mix, but because she is a rescue I can’t be 100% sure. Rescuing that dog is easily the best thing I’ve ever done and I am not kidding.


If you were a dog what type of dog would you be?
A black and white French Bulldog with a spiked leather collar.

Who’s your favorite dog celeb instagram account?
Tuna Melts My Heart, duh!

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen a person do for their animal here in LA?
Someone texted me a photo of a man wearing his dog like a backpack at the post office in Los Feliz… I’ve also seen dogs in designer doggy clothing that is easily more expensive than the clothes I wear. That said, I have zero judgement about it, I would do anything for my dog.


Did Tuna inspire this episode?

Were you nervous to work with such a big celebrity?
hahah, yeah, for sure… I mean, IT’S TUNA…

I’ve heard Tuna doesn’t actually smell like Tuna. What would you say his scent is?
Hmm… a mix between dry dog smell and doggy breath. But a light scent, so ya know, you’d still let him lick your face and it would be chill.


What was the casting process like? How many actors read for the Fan of Tuna role?
Casting was grueling, as one would expect… but ultimately it went to a Kickstarter backer who paid to be in the series.

Jay Z likes only blue m&M’s in his green room. Did tuna have any special requests for his greenroom/trailer?
No autographs…. actually, I’m just kidding he has a paw print stamp that Courtney used to sign for Tuna and nearly killed me on the spot with cuteness. Tuna wanted water and to hop in his carrier. Pretty low maintenance for someone with 1.7M insta followers.

How many bodyguards did you have on set to shield Tuna from the paparazzi?
327… and a half.

tuna dance

Do you think dogs are funnier than people?
No, but I think they are nicer.

If Tuna could speak, what quote do you think he’d give me about working with you? Oh, you know, probably something really earnest like, Rory is a true gift to comedy and everyone should immediately make their way to her youtube/twitter and follow her and fall in love forever…. but obviously those are his words, not mine.

Courtney Dasher (Tuna’s Mom) and you are both involved in working to save animals. What are some of your favorites?
National Mill Dog Rescue or an underdog group that’s smaller that I love a lot is Collide NYC. They support homeless youth and their furry companions!

You and tuna seem to get along really well, what similarities do you see in yourself to your costar?
We both have double chins…

Rory- I’m hooked! How do I get more HelLa?
Season 1 had 12 episodes which you can watch at www.OnlyinHelLA or on Season 2 came out January 26th and episodes release every Tuesday! You can always follow us on twitter too @OnlyinHelLA.

Featured image via Only in HelLa

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 11, 2016

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