Turn Your Dog Into An Adorable Ornament With This Simple Christmas Craft

Now that Christmas is right around the corner, it's time to put all of your finishing touches in place, sit back, relax, and wait for that bearded wanderer to shimmy down your chimney. While you wait, why not immortalize your pup by crafting one (or twenty!) of these adorable felt ornaments? Ornaments are not only a beautiful, festive, and colorful way to catch and refract all of those shimmering Christmas lights, they are also one of the most special ways to capture and display memories year after year. trio You Will Need: Felt Swatches (in the shades of your pup) Red Embroidery Thread Green Embroidery Thread Yarn or Embroidery Thread Needle Ribbon of your choosing Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks Scissors Not Shown: 3-6 Cotton Balls and Chopsticks to push Cotton into place. materials 1. First things first, take a good, long look at your pup. Notice the shapes and features that make their adorable little face unique. Now, sketch a simplified version of your dog's face and divide it out into shapes (basic head shape, snout, ears, eyes, eyebrows, etc.) 2. Sketch the basic head shape out on a piece of felt and fold it in half. Carefully cut out two copies of the head shape (for the front and back). sketch 3. Now sketch and cut out all of your other pieces. Lay them down and finalize placement before gluing them all into place with your hot glue gun. When attaching the ears, you can add some dimension by only gluing the base and tip into place. schnauzer 4. Now that everything is in place, it's time to stitch the front and back of the head together. Align the pieces, thread your needle with either the red or green thread, and sew around about 75% of the ornament. green 5. Tear your cotton balls into thin pieces that resemble batting and insert them into the ornament thru the opening you left. Use your chopstick or a straw to push the cotton into place and then finish sewing the seam around the side. straw 6. Repeat with the other color of thread to create a festive crisscross pattern. red 7. Adorn your pup with any kind of bows or finishing touches you please -- and don't forget to glue a loop of ribbon or twine to the back! bow 8. That's it! Find your pup a place to shine on the tree and enjoy seeing their furry festive face year after year!


Happy Pawlidays from all of us here at BarkPost!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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