11 Things Only Type A Pup Parents Understand

Written by: Regina Lizik

July 20, 2015

It’s really hard being the perfect pup parent. It’s also stressful, like, really, really stressful. Mostly because you know there’s no such thing as a perfect pawrent, but you have to try anyway. If you don’t try, your brain will explode.

If this describes you, then you might be a Type A pup parent. You like schedules. You’re meticulous. You’re an overachiever. And your dog is, well, a dog who doesn’t give a poop about anything other than treats, toys and love.

In case you aren’t certain whether or not you’ve got the Type A pawsonality, we’ve got 11 traits that will tell you if you fit the uptight bill.

1. You love bonding with your dog on walks, but you dread the time waster that is the 15 minute poop circle ritual.

Squat already, will you!

poop circle

2. You diligently put your pup’s toys away every night.

Even though you know it’s pointless and they’ll be all over the floor in 5 minutes and you wonder what even is life.

dog toys everywhere

3. You take our pup out for a walk at the same time every morning.

Except you have to drag your dog out of bed because, somehow, you ended up with a Type B dog who doesn’t understand your need for a strict schedule.

sleepy shiba

4. Your Type B dog doesn’t care about set feeding times either.

Doesn’t he understand that his grazing methods mess up your entire existence?

frenchie food

5. You tricked out your kitchen to make your pup’s stuff blend seamlessly into your decor.

Your friends are simultaneously jealous and a bit concerned about your state of mind.

dog food storage 1

6. Inside you’re having a meltdown because you still haven’t created a built-in dog bed.

It’s okay. It’s on your “Dog Decor” Pinterest board and also penciled in on your calendar for next month’s project.

dog built in bed

7. You are completely stocked in the area of doggie first aid, so you don’t panic when your pup gets a minor owie.

Who are you kidding? You completely panic and rush to the vet after you’ve applied the invisible bandage, the real bandage and your spare cone of shame.

spare cone of shame

8. Then you decorate the sh*t out of that cone of shame.

You have to put other cones of shame to, well, shame.


9. You cannot fathom how anyone can run out of poop bags.

Like how does that even?

poop bag bonanza

10. You can spend an hour at the pet store trying to decide which treats to buy because you have to read the ingredients on every single one.

But then you hate yourself because you wasted precious time reading the freaking ingredients on treats that you deemed safe the last time you were at the store.

psychological selfie 2

11. When you’re at your breaking point because you’ve stressed yourself out from reading all of those ingredients, your dog reminds you that all that really matters is love.

And play time. And snuggles. And treats.

buttons stress reliever

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Written by: Regina Lizik

July 20, 2015

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