We Tried The U-Pet Carrier And It’s Totally For Dogs, Not Just Cats

Reviewed by Katie Kirnan

December 15, 2015

People are talking. Talking about the innovative U-Pet backpack. Saying that it’s the perfect cat carrier, and also the opportunity for your cat to fulfill its life-long dream of being an astronaut.

A hopeful cat astronaut, or, catstronaut.
A hopeful cat astronaut, or, catstronaut.

Well, guess what. Dogs have dreams, too. DREAMS OF INTERGALACTIC GLORY. And neither U-Pet nor the great expanse of outer space exist exclusively for cats. Besides, dogs ventured into space long before cats, and also, this carrier is for dogs, cats, and other small pets.

At first, we employed good old-fashioned math to test our theory that the U-Pet is just as amazing for dogs as it is for cats. To begin, we already know that dogs > cats. This is a given. Now, let’s suppose that cats = astronauts when they are using the U-Pet Carrier. It therefore stands by the Transitive Pawperty of Mathematics that when dogs use the U-Pet Carrier, they are better astronauts than cats, which can also be expressed as: dogs astronauts > catstronauts.


Once the math checked out, we decided to put out theory into practice. Luckily, one of our interns, Andi, volunteered to give the U-Pet a try. Below are the results:

Here’s the U-Pet carrier before Andi arrived for her “launch.”

upet collage

Once Andi arrived, she agreed to pose beside her carrier.
andi arrives
She was ready and excited (and a little hungry).

Andi entered the carrier and readied for lift-off.

new collage 507


And just like that, this cool little wiener reached new heights! The semi-sphere window design allows Andi to stay safe and engage with the outside world. She can look left or right…

andi left and right collage

…or dead on…


…or she can dip down and take a nap.

andi nap
Oh she’s in there. She’s just resting.
Not only that, the U-Pet carrier is made of soft, non-toxic materials and includes breather holes. (In Andi’s case, these breather holes also doubled as convenient treat tunnels — she discovered they’re the perfect size to slip in a delicious cookies just for doges.)
Clearly the U-Pet, like Andi, has style and substance.
Clearly the U-Pet, like Andi, has style and substance.
Oh, and if your pup doesn’t have aspirations of space adventure but still wants to look stylish, they can swap out the semi-sphere window for a mesh panel instead.
Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 4.15.36 PM

Either way, you and your dog are going to look great in this innovative (patent-pending) carrier. Certainly as good as any cat (but probably better).

To find more cool U-Pet products, visit their website, and check out these how-to videos:

H/t U-Pet
Reviewed by Katie Kirnan

December 15, 2015